Monday, April 9, 2012

A.C Trip and new casino Revel pics 4/9/2012

Hey sorry for not updating , but nothing exciting has really been happening. However i swear lots of exciting things will be happening in the near future i have two big anime events to look forward too. First one is happening this Sunday , and the 2nd one is Zenkicon !!! . Yup but before we get ahead of ourselves , let me share with you my weekend adventure to Alantic City. While i was there i got to play a few slot machines, walk around the new casino Revel, and walk about a new outdoor outlet plaza called "The walk" . Now to share some pictures i took from my trip.

Cute aint he 
View from our hotel room
View from the Revel hotel
Gold sparkles , from inside the Revel
Just one of the hundreds of sitting lounges at the Revel
                                                                          Outdoor lounge

                                                                                By Reina
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