Monday, April 23, 2012

Should i Make a website??? 12/23/012

Sorry  being on and off  on this blog  but I've been lazy , busy with school and other events that happened in this past week . In which i will tell you in separate blog posts, so you wont be reading a story length blog .

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Ok so today in Internet class we talked a little bit about web design and how to host a website on the internet. While we were talking about this , i started to get inspired to make my own website to store all of my creative ideas.

For example my website will have a horizantal bar at the top of the home page with different links to different pages on my website. I have pages for my Role-play character  , my blogs , my social networks, a bio  page, ect. Man its so exciting to think about making my own website, but like a blog . A website you have to decorate all the pages and set up links to everything...which is fun but sometimes overwhelming.

Ya see when i get excited about something..i get so overwhelmed and cant think straight sometimes. haha. Oh and you have to think about a server to host your website and picking out a domain name and stuff like that . Ya no what ...having a website and blog is sorta like the same thing. Perhaps i'll make my blog into my website into my blog. Who knows ? This idea of mine is still in its hyper stage..where i cant think straight ...i'll have to think about it more . If you think i should turn this blog into a website-like blog comment below!!

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