Monday, April 23, 2012

Sad Saturday 4/23/2012

 Then on saturday 4/21/2012 i had to go to a funeral for an aunt of mine .Going to a funeral always is hard and depressing but you will never see me cry or show much emotion for it . Thats not because i dont care , i do , its just im the type of person that holds their emotions inside .  So then after the funeral , we went to burial site ...but without running into a few problems along the way. First the car battery died because someone left the blinkers on . But luckily a family member had a battery charger in their car and so we were on the road . However by the time the battery was charged ...everyone had left for the funeral. So of course we had a bit of trouble finding the burial site ...once we got there..was just about over ..but we walked over to the site and stood there talking to a few family members. Then after that we left and drove to a family house that was having a buffet in their house. Oh thank goodness...cuz up to that point in the day ...the only thing i had to eat was an apple. So i went inside , filled my plate up with food , and then downed all the food into my stomach...yummy. So that what happened on Saturday.

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