Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Help Me , i need your feed back 6/20/2012

I have a problem ....and i need your feedback! Lately i've been getting bored on the computer ..always looking for something productive to do thats quick and fun to do . Yes i could/will continue to make videos..however i need some inspiration. Another that i want to do is make banners or something like that ...but im not a great artist and i dont know how to use my scanner. Sigh..which means i have to take things from the internet. Oh thats another thing that i just remembered. I could also edit stock photos like i did in my
computer graphics class. I should upload my finished projects to the internet so you guys can see them.

So Followers of mine :
Do you want to see my graphic art's projects -comment below if you do
Would you like to see me make banners/videos/ edited photos -comment below if you do

P.S : i also , sometimes, make music tracks too ...if your interested in listening

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