Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Stolen Yet Non-Stolen Cell ? 7/26/2012

Whats up people , how are you doing . Well im doing ok ...i mean i had a slight insanity moment at work today . Ok so im starting my break at work right , i take my stuff out of my locker and sit down at a table .  Then i look in the outside back pocket of my purse, where i usually put my cell in, and see that its missing. Man do i start panicking , on the inside of course. I look inside my purse and dont see it . Then i go back to my locker and look inside ...nothing.

         So i really start to get worried and start to think of what  to do . I go to the guest service office and filled out a form for lost or stolen items because at this point ...i've convinced myself someone stole my cell.

 Then after i filled out the form i turn and see my supervisor , with 2 other security gurads, walking in my direction. Quickly i walk over to my supervisor and tell him that i thought my cell was stolen.  He took me back into the guest services building to the lost prevention department I told them that i had my cell with me when i was on my way to work and i remembering locking it in my locker. So they told me that they'll look into it and said i should go back to the break room. 

      When i get half way to the break room , the thought pops into my head that i haven't  checked in my knapsack yet . I open up the bag and sure enough there's my phone . MY GOD did i feel like a complete am i seriously losing my mind right now . I HAVE TO BE!!!! So i radio my supervisor , on my walkie talkie , and tell him i found my phone in my knapsack. I cant tell you guys how much of  fucking idiot i felt .
I feel so bad for making everyone worry about me :(

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