Monday, July 23, 2012

Lake Day and a Giant Yellow Moth 7/23/2012

Howdy everyone on this lovely Monday evening .  Well last Saturday my BF , his little brother and girlfriend, and me went to a public lake for a few hours.  The area around the lake was really nice  it had a beach , a concession stand, public restrooms , and a small playground. When you look at the lake from far away , it looks nice and beautiful but when you get into the'll see that the water is a dark brown rusty color :(. Even though the water looked nasty my BF and i still got into the freezing cold water...i hate cold water.

       However i march on deeper into the water till it was halfway up on my stomach. Then my BF started pressuring me to go underwater , so i could get used to it  but being scared of the coldness i hesitated as long as i could . But my time ran out and my Bf picked me up and gently threw me into the cold water. Quickly i came back up and started doggy paddling through the water . So we played in the water for a hour , but i couldn't get used to the cold water . So we headed back to where our towels where and had some lunch. Then after lunch we decided to bury ourselves

and put Cheetos ontop of our bodies to see if seagulls came swooping down. They Did. All and All it was a pretty fun day and i enjoyed myself. But i cant wait till next weekend cuz my BF and i are going to Six Flags yayyyy. Oh ya on Sunday before i headed for work , my father found this giant yellow moth on the back-porch screen door.

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