Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Went to Dave and Busters 8/14/2012

Good evening everyone , Yesterday my Bf and i went to Dave and buster's for lunch .
But let me tell you this , since we didn't want to go through any tolls we ended up driving all the way up to Trenton then turning around to come back to Philly. Man was that a road-trip lol but at least we didn't have to go through any tollbooths , even on the way back home we didn't go through any tollbooths... probably because we didn't go over the Ben Frank Bridge.

Anywho moving along, we had a fun time at dave and busters . Some of the games we played was Fruit Ninja , Infinity Blade , DDR, Bowling, frogger ect..at the end of our play session we got 784 tickets ...however that was barely enough to buy anything except for candy or something extremely small ! So we left empty handed , however my bf said that all our tickets are saved on our powerplay card . So the next time we go to Dave and Busters we can just add onto our amount of tickets. I hope he's right about that !

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