Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Been Inspired to Draw Again 8/11/2012

 Today i got so inspired to start drawing again and work on my art style. So my dad and i went into a Barnes and Noble bookstore . When i was over looking at some manga . He came over and told me there were some magazines about art and video stuff . So as aspiring video editor i was intrigued to see what was over there . I look through the magazines but dont see anything for video editing :(. However i see something even as exciting , a beautiful magazine called ImagineFX.
Now this magazine  is all about fantasy and scifi  digital artwork and i love digital  artwork. I find digital artwork so much more magical and beautiful looking than normal artwork found in a museum or gallery. When i look at great digital artwork its like im transported to another world.

When i was looking through the magazine i was so tempted to buy it , for it had tips from professorial artists , step by step drawings, featured artwork from the community , and different digital art products to buy like tablets , brushes that work with tablets, Photoshop products ect. If any of you are aspiring digital artists here's the link to the magazines website :

Now i've tried to do some digital art , but it dos'nt come close to the work in the magazine. Here is some of my work if you'll like to see:
   This is Rin my Zombie/Demon girl that i made a while back .

This is Raven . In the furture i want to make a 3D charather from her . So i can have her singing songs just like the chimpmucks.
       This is a picture of Naruto and Hinata.
So tell me what you think of my artwork, I no it still needs lots of improvements on the shading, linework, and body portions.


  1. Those pictures look super cool, you are an amazing artist!

    1. Awww thank you @Dark Angel that means alot to me


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