Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kids Growing up too fast? 8/22/2012

Howdy Howdy people , Omgosh today at work was nice and easy yet boring again. But throughout the day i saw a few crazy and mind boggling things at work.

1) A group of African american teenagers come walking my way . I notice that some of them dont have shoes and shirts on . So i tell them to get their shoes and shirts . While i am talking to the boys. A middle age man starts dancing wildly to "Im Coming Out" in the middle of the park.  He even shouted the words "Im coming out" too.

  Now as im standing at my post watching this madness take place, i cant help but stare at him . Then one of the boys who i was talking to a few minuets before told the man to come dance up on me , and show me what he's working with o.0 . Quickly i said no thank and luckily he didn't come close to me . However i did catch a glimpse of him swinging his hips around .

Now at this point i felt so embarrassed to be there and wanted to get as far away from this crazy guy as i could...but  i couldn't leave my post . So i and the people walking from and into the water park kept watching this guy dance. As the song was winding down the guy stopped dancing and headed into the water park. Finally.

2) I saw , what appeared to be a 12yr boy, with a tattoo on his shoulder

3) A young girl , around the same age of the boy, with her bikini bottons almost all the way up her butt and most of her ass was hanging out smh.

4) A teenage girl , wearing a bikini trying to walk into dollar general. Of course the Cashier told the girl that she needed clothes on . The girl replied that she only wanted to throw something away . The cashier allowed this and the girl walked back out of the store. After the girl left the cashier , another coworker that was sitting next to her, and a middle aged female customer started talking about how she could walk around in the plaza  wearing nothing but a bikini on and how there are Child molesters out there . They also started talking about how young kids these days are developing so darn fast . The customer told the cashier how her 10yr niece , i think it was , looked like she was about 16.

This started to get me thinking about the kids of this day and age and future generations. Part of me is concerned about kids looking too grown up when they're not . I mean what happened to kids being innocent ...Kids with Tattoos ,  bikini bottoms being too small and having their ass hang out , having sex during high school ..even MIDDLE school years, Cussing , drinking alcohol . Why does it seem like today's kids are getting worse and worse?  Yet another part of me dos'nt care if more and more kids are starting to act like adults, i even want to encourage some of this insane behavior stop fighting for their innocence. I dont know all this confuses me to no end.

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