Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nasty Bitch 8/28/2012

Yo some of the guests at my job are SO dirty and Disrespectful to their bodies. Today was a nice slow day but yet there was still ghetto bitches at my job. I was standing at my post near the wavepool entrance right. When i see this heavyset African american women get out of the pool wearing a wet white see-through T-Shirt . At first her back was turned to me and i noticed that i couldn't see a bra strap through her shirt. Suddenly i started thinking "Oh Shit dont tell me this bitch is actually sluttly/stupid enough to go into a pool with a white shirt on and nothing under it " . She turned around and started to walk my way , as she was walking i tried to see if she really wasn't wearing anything under her shirt . (NO im not gay...i just could'nt believe she was that stupid) .  She came closer and sure enough i saw what appeared to be nipples. Quickly i turned away in disbelief . This sort of stupidity really really pisses me off , and this is the second time , since ive worked at my job, that i saw this shit.  Oh and these were full grown adults too!

P.S.A-To Women like these: Start respecting yourselves !!!!!

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