Saturday, August 4, 2012

Total Recall Movie 7/4/2012

      Ok well im a bit frustrated at the moment because my Stupid flash drive decides that it doesn't want to be recognized on my computer. That would be fine with me since i was done using it but noooooo my dad , on the way home from the store, suddenly remembers he wants to view one of my Computer Graphic projects that i did last semester.

        Great, Just Great. Oh believe me when i tell you i've tried to get my computer to recognize the stupid drive..but to no avail. So i give up till im near another computer where i can upload my projects to facebook or something.

       Yes Yes i know , i should've did that a long time ago. Hey i kept forgetting or been to lazy to upload them Lesson Learned Trust me!

Now for the good part of this blog post :

              I got to see Total Recall today and it was cool it had , flying hover cars , cool robots , and  a girl with 3 Tits 0.o...aphem...anywho moving along . Other than that i found it to be a another action/Scifi movie not really offering anything new or exciting to the genres.

            Somehow it reminded me of The Borne series , if im correct that's another movie series where the male lead loses his memory right? Well take that movie and just put it in a futuristic setting and you have Total Recall. Oh right i forgot , mix in a pinch of the Matrix . Remember when Nero gets hooked up to a chair and gets transported to another realm or something.

           Well Total Recall has something similar to that set up. To me , Total Recall, wasn't anything new or exciting just another scifi action movie taking ideas from other movies. At least that's how i see it , if you disagree please comment below.

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  1. Sounds like a really awesome movie! they are really good actors. I need to go see it:) hope you are having a good day my friend. Stay blessed.


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