Thursday, September 27, 2012

4pg paper about mostly nothing 9/27/2012

I feel like im going to get depressed soon all because of school . Today in my interface design class our in class activity was to observe people who made a new account on a school social network called something with a Y , i dont have my notebook here with me or elese i would write the name. Anywho so thats what we did and we had to write about any promblems they encountered and the stuff they were doing on the site.  I kid you not this site looks excatly like facebook only its for your school. Im sure most of you have a facebook account and you know using the website is pretty straight forward.

You post status , people like/comment/share , you join groups ect. not alot to it. we also have to find someone outside of our class , a family member or friend, and ask them to make an account on the Y website and observe them. Now here's the kicker, all of the people that we observed in class and outside has to be typed into a 4pg paper. 4 PAGES!!! WTF.

What am i susspose to say, most of my data is going to say the same thing . They made an account , filled out their profile , wrote a status or two ect. How the hell am i susspose to write a 4 page paper about that . Also in the paper we have to talk about ways to improve the site to make it more user friendly or something . So i guess i'll just have to write mostly about ways to improve the site or just make up bullshit. I cant stand when i have to write a paper and have to write mostly about bullshit just to get the number of pages im required to type. I hate when teachers make you write long ass papers about stuff that can be written in 1-2 pages.

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