Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Schoolwork and a barbecue 9/26/012

My schoolwork is starting to frustrate me already . I have to upload a photoshop project i did too an online school website , but for some reason , when i try to upload my project ..the website wont take it and i even made sure i saved the picture to JEPG too..but still wont let me upload it . I figure it has to be something wrong with the website or something. I'll have to talk to my teacher to see whats going on other than that nothing exciting happened today , however tomorrow there will be a back to school barbecue at my college which will be fun because i get to eat free food . Also i'll try to remember to take pictures too.

Mood: sad
Feeling: extremely sleepy
Weather: Sunny
Music: Backyard Monsters background music
Place: Home

P.S: My stupid computer just restarted for no reason.

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