Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scary Movie? and Friendlys yayy 9/30/2012

So yesterday my BF and i went to go see house on the end of the street which is a scary movie for those of you who never heard of the movie before. The movie to me lack scariness and i found it to be a bit boring , but thats just me , however my bf seemed to liked it even though he really wanted to see Hotel Transiviana instead.
Heres the Trailer:
House at the end of the street Trailer
Then after the movies we went to friendly's for lunch (my idea) since i hav'nt been there in years . The food was Delicious my bf and I both got the same entree' the  Honey BBQ chicken super-melt sandwich
 which we picked from the 10 dollar create our own meal deal. We both also got Fanta orange soda but for ice cream he got a strawberry cheesecake Friend-z( sorta like Dairy Queens Bizzards) while i got vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookie bits. Omgosh everything was really good and their french fries , i could eat them forever ! Then after the movies we went to game stop where my baby picked out a game called "Unreal Tourment" that was under 10 dollars which i brought for him out of love . Then after that we went straight home and hanged out at his house till 11pm when it was time for him to take me home.
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  1. Scary movies fail to scare me, lol! Seems like you had a great time with your boyfriend!

  2. Really so not even a movie like hmmm hills have eyes wont scare you , not even a little bit? and yes i did it was a very relaxing day for us.

  3. Haha I'm far to desensitized for horror films to scare me! I'm also quite the fan of them. Out of the 300 or so DVDs in my collection, at least half are scary and or horror oriented. I love films and hope to pursue a career in them. If you want scary, watch some psychological horror like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Henry portrait of a serial killer, or Jacob's ladder! You want be disappointed with any of these ;D

    1. That is really cool , and wow thats alot of DvDs . I wish i had that many lol but im working on it , i only have 18 movies of my own and 8 of them are horror movies . Im also a huge fan of horror movies too. Ahh Texas Chainsaw Massacre such a classic however they keep remaking it over and over again lol, are you going to see the newest version of it .

  4. By the newest version, do you mean the Rob Zombie film as in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning? Yeah I saw most of the Rob Zombie films including that one. I must say it was quite predictable (big surprise, right). The newest installment had nothing to bring to the table except R. Lee Ermey's character. I was saddened that Rob failed to include The Hitchhiker as well. ALSO I was also pretty mad that even though the film was quite dark looking, yet the moody atmosphere of Hooper's masterpiece was lost in the new-age horror transition completely, meaning as usual, no suspense. I'm sure glad that I waited for the new TCSM to be rent-able, that one is certainly not touching my collection, yuck.

  5. No not that one , there gonna be a even new one coming out later this year or the next , i'll have to do more info on it..but i feel they need to stop remaking TCM over and over again because its starting to lose its "Classic" horror movie charm. Oh and its called Texas Chainsaw 3D big shocker lol. I found it on IDMB the movie website . Oh and this movie comes out in 2013.


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