Monday, October 1, 2012

First Frappuccino and green moth creature 10/1/2012

Today i had to walk home which is like a lil over a mile walk . But not to fear for i fuel up for the long walk with a classic wawa meatball hoagie which was good as always and very filling . Then after i had the hoagie i tried a Starbucks Frappuccino vanilla  bean flavor .
Then when i was walking home i found this weird  green moth creature.
 Mood: Content
Feeling: Slightly Tired
Weather: Clear and Sunny
Music: Ayo-Shinee
Place: Home


  1. That small green creature is a katydid :D Katey did see a katydid when walking down the lane... Thanks for the distraction from my boring classes, teehee!

  2. oh cool i did'nt know what it was lol thanks for the info and cool rhyme there :) , and your very welcome anytime ^.^


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