Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shopping spree 9/8/2012

Yesterday i went shopping with my Bf at a local mall and brought 5 new tops ,a black lace shoulder jacket and a 100 Dollar Hair Straighter !

   I love Tigers and Sparkly things

    I got 3 more different colored tank tops, two without lace , and two without lace.

   This is the box that my new hair Straighter came in

    This is what the straighter looks like , Sorry for the slight blur of the picture. Also i got this at one of the free standing booths in the mall , you know the ones where they let you try the product at the booth  before you buy it . I hope it works as well as they told me it did.

            After we finished shopping in the mall we went to wal-mart so i could get a medipedi, first time getting one too....dont judge me lol.  I would upload a picture but my stupid cell dos'nt want to upload it to my facebook page.  Oh well , anywho im happy with what i brought and cant wait to try out my new Hair Straighter!

*P.S* All the clothes were from D.E.B.S!

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