Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guess im InHuman 9/15/2012

Man do i have a throbbing headache today or what , since morning till now i've had a throbbing headache. A few minuets ago i  took some headache pills hopefully they will help. Anywho work was different today because instead of being in my usual spot , at the wave pool exit , i got moved to the catering hall to help out there. They only reason why i got moved was because people were'nt going into the wavepool instead of having me stand there doing nothing they sent me up to the catering hall. Man was that a fun change of pace .

1) There were people to talk too
2) i didnt have to yell at people
3) i got to serve food to people
4) i got to sample some of the food

Oh ya and while i was up in the catering hall. One of the guests told us that a guy on the rollercoaster, we only have one in the whole park called "HellCat", that i guy shited in his pants . Everyone was like ewwwwwww  . Then the lady said "he was wearing clear pants , tan pants i guess, so you could see that the man shited himself" . I felt kinda bad for the dude that , that happened to him ..he must've been so embarssed .

Well then later on in the day i got called inhuman by a fellow coworker because i was'nt afriad to pick up a bee after it landed inside a pickle bowl.  I dont know what the big deal is it  was just a lil ol Honey bee , they dont hurt you . Now if it was a yellow jacket or hornet then that would be a whole new story because those are nasty lil buggers , ugly looking too.

Other than that my day went good except for this throbbing headache i have ..ay ay aye.

                             Mood: content
                              Feeling: in pain
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                            Place: Home
                            Weather: twlight/dusk

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