Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Im going Broke, Need Advice please 10/10/2012

 i feel myself slipping slowly into a depressed state .
Why you ask ..well thats a good question for part of myself dos'nt know why i feel this way , but another part of me does. My depression stems from mostly , if not all, of money issues. Since i've been unemployed money has been very tight for me and im sure this month will wipe me out till a just have a penny left...if  im lucky. Why you ask take a look at this list:

Where the last of my money will go this month:
Dentist Bill-189 dollars
Medical Bill- 25 dollars
Buying a hotel Room for AC-63 dollars
Cell Bill- 35 dollars

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Now mind you the last time i checked the Balance in my checking account i had 256 . so screwed. I mean i do have a credit card that i can use But!!! i'll have to Payback that amount and well im still Unemployed!! wahhh im gonna be broke , broke like a homeless person. Now thank goodness i still live at home and still have someone to fall back on ...sorta :(.

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Oh how depressed im getting ...go to my dark corner and sulk. I just dont know what to do. I feel that writing this out helps me to sort it out in my head. But damn that dentist bill really trips me up ...i guess thats the last time i'll be going there for a while until i get another job . Oh please my Dear guardian angel grant my wish of finding another job soon.

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By Reina
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  1. aww myy goshh. Feeling sad about you. I know how it feels cos am also unemployed, and money plays a big role once you grow up. Start saving your money from now on, if not a lot, only a little everyday will help you in future, try it :)

    1. Yes im starting to see that now , its like everything revolves around money lol, and im trying my best to save as much as i can, i have my own coin jar that i put all my change in , im just waiting till it gets overfilled to cash it all in :)


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