Friday, October 5, 2012

Sex Scandal, Healthy Eating and Anime 10/5/2012

Good Afternoon everyone ! Today is such a great warm day its just wonderful. Well anywho onto todays Topics i have alot to talk about today so bear with me. Now please excuse me ..but im gonna start off this post with something extremely serious that happened close to where i live .
A sex scandal has erupted at one of the local regional high schools in my area. Yes , Yes i know this sort of thing is just horrid , simply horrid and makes me cringe at the thought of it  and makes me sick. While i was at my yearly physical check-up , my dad brought a newspaper with him that had the article in it. I was reading an article about it . Now i couldn't finish reading all of the article , because my name got called, but i do know some key info. All i know is that the scandal involved 3 male teachers from different departments. When the teachers were questioned by the police the school principle and Vice Principle defended the dirty teachers instead of giving them to the police and firing them. Other than that i dont really know too much but here's the article if you want to read more: Trition High School Sex Scandal


Now in daily News :
I went to my yearly physical exam and everything went smooth and well. Im one healthy girl. At the end of the exam they gave me flu shot which is making my shoulder slightly sore but nothing to complain about . After my exam i went home and been home alone since right now (5:22pm). But anywho while i was at home i made one of my delicious "simple" sandwiches and had a salad afterwards talk about healthy eating!

Oh and yesterday i got into a new horror anime called "Another" which i cant deny has me hooked even though its only 12 eps and the story is moving slightly slow at the moment..but i still really like it.
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