Sunday, October 21, 2012

Inspired to try Vlogging again? 10/21/2012

Ok so a few minutes ago i had an idea to try to do video Vlogs or something like that . This idea came to me while i was reading the book for my Interactive Interface Design class. The chapters that i read talked about card sorting , website hierarchy, and i read a lil about computer animations. This knowledge started to get me thinking about , first, that i should put a menu bar at the top of my blog . Similar to the way i've seen meun bars on other blogs .

For instance on their menu bars they would have tabs for bio,  hobbies, other websites they have ect. So i was thinking i should do something like that and make a new banner because  the one i have now dos'nt look attractive. Then after i got done thinking about my blog i started thinking about the old Video vlogs/ webcasts that i did and how they never took off on youtube. I figured that none of my web shows took off is because i didn't take the time to carefully plan them out and do proper research on other youtube webcasts to see what made them so popular. Now , if i do make a new webshow/vlog, that i'll have to do careful research and planning to make sure the show is a success and that people like it. Oh the thought of it makes me so anxious/excited to get started but like i said before i need to plan this out carefully. Please wish me luck !

Reina's Note:  Card Sorting-A simple process where the designer/designers for a website/App take about 20-80 index cards in which they write different terms on them to represent what will be on the site or app. Then they ask a single or up to 4 people to sort the terms ,on the cards, into piles where users would want to see the terms in the website /app.

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