Saturday, January 26, 2013

IHop and Monster in Law 1/26/2013

     Good god i wasn't expecting to be this sleepy today ugh. All i want to do is take a nap but i wont allow myself since its getting dark out already. If im to take a nap it'll be around 4pm or something where the sun is still shinning brightly. Anywho thats not the point of this post ,the point of the post is Ihop and hanging with friends. This morning i woke up 2 mins before 8am, because my bf called and i had my alarm set to 8am too..maybe that why im so tired cuz too mins of my sleep was stolen.

    so i woke up fast and got dressed and everything. Then my bf picked me up sometime after 8:30am and we went to his house for a short time. Our friend jess called my bf and told us we could come over to her and her fiancee apartment to chill until Joe, her fiancee, came home.So thats what we did and while we were there we chatted and watch Oxygen movies. Once Joe came home we went to Ihop . Jess, Joe, and Me all got the New York Cheesecake pancakes while my bf got stuffed french toast.

      It's a shame that i ended up being the last one still eating while everyone was still talking. Jeez i thought i was eating pretty fast! I guess its because i take  small bites of things? How embarrassing im always a slow eater! Well after i got done eating we paid the bill and left and went back to their house and ended up watching Monster-in-Law starring J-Lo. That movie is too funny. Then me and my bf left at 3:30 because he had to go to work and well now im here.


                              Monster-in-Law Official Trailer #1 - (2005) HD


  1. Ah~ Those pancakes look you yummy!
    Nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Here's the link:

    1. They were hehe , and thank you so much i really appreciated it


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