Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow 1/25/2013

Good evening everyone. I wasn't planning on writing a post tonight but because i had to come home early , from my Bf's house, because of the snow but here i am. Today was interesting because we got to hang out with two of my Bf's coworkers which was fun . We chatted for hours mostly about movies/celebs/romance and tomorrow we all plan on going to a local Ihop for breakfast which will also be nice . I'll try to take some pictures of the food i get but dont hold me too it . Anywho here are some pictures of what it looks like on my  deck outside.



  1. Hello dear!
    i did not know your blog, it's great!
    you have a new follower, follow me back?

    1. @modny thank you so much for following me and give me a comment. Im happy you like my blog and i sure will :)


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