Wednesday, January 23, 2013

School and Shoes 1/23/2013

     Howdy everyone ! Today was the first day back to school for the spring semester! Hmmm what can i say about it ...i only went to one class which was 2D animation . This class should be fun because i always wanted to know how to animate stuff but my drawing skills could use alot of work lol. Another cool thing about my class is that it has its own blog right here on blogger! Other than that i dont know what else to write .
    Oh i know ...last wensday  me and my bf went to the mall for an hour . We went into bath and body works and started smelling all the perfumes, some were smelled nasty others smelled nice. Then after that we went into Zumez and my bf ended up buying some DC hightops for 25 dollars, the store was having a sale .

   They look real nice dont they?


  1. That's a cute shoe. I need to practice drawing, I have animation too, but that's a bit later!!

    1. Thank you , and same here lol , and thats cool whats the animation about ?


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