Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thank you and a dog name chico

      Thank you for those you took the time out of the busy schedule to answer my questions . I greatly appreciated it and read all your answers which were quite entertaining to read. Furthermore thank you for subscribing to my youtube channel, that really put a smile on my face ! Now i know i've said this in my comments to you but i'll repeat myself for anyone who dos'nt know.  Im currently working on a brand new AMV for my channel and soon , hopefully in a few short days/weeks, i'll upload a 30 sec preview of the video im working on. So please look forward to it ...oh and tell your friends to check me out too! For those of you who subscribed to my Youtube channel(FallingRainStudio1) there will be a surprise in my 30 Sec Preview video for you guys.

    For everyone elese whom i nominated i hope you will particapte in the award and answer my questions. I would  love to read your answers and getting to know more about you .

In Other news:

It was Last Sunday , a normal cold winter day, when me and my hubby went over to our friends apartment for the 3rd day in  a row lol. For i didn't mind spending all this time with my new found friends , co-worker friends of my hubby, for finally it seemed i was getting my long awaited wish to have a close group of friends to call my own, even though my new friends were a couple but thats all the better! So we walked into their apartment and to my surprise i see an unfamiliar face of a young girl sitting on the far side of the sofa. Later on this newcomer, to me, was my friend Jess's lil sister. So i sat down in the middle of the long sectional sofa and watch was on the tv . Few mins later , the young girl who was covered in a blanket, moved the blanket to reveal a small puppy named Chico.

He was so cute , all black with white on his nose and belly.  The rest of the night was history.

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