Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday what a game 2/4/2013

It's that time of the year where two cities face off in one of the biggest battles of bragging rights in the U.S. It's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! Baltimore Ravens vs San Fran 49ners !

    1st half of the the game the ravens were smoking the 49s with quick thinking , smart moves , and tackles which led to a mild brawl in the 1st quarter of the game. Then the unbelievable happened , half the lights in the super dome went out ! Could it be a set-up , aliens , who knows all i know is that it delayed the game for 34 minutes . Unknown to the ravens , the 49ners were using this time to gather their power and devising a plan that would shoot down those cocky ravens from their perch once and for all.  While the ravens stretched and relaxed on the grass with not a care in the world . They were far in the lead , they were the ravens proud and high in the sky. Noone could catch them or thats what they thought.

    Once the lights came back the game resumed and it was time for the 49ners to unleash their devastating plan to shoot those ravens out of the sky. 49ners came back strong , throwing good passes , running like cheetahs , scoring touchdown after touchdown. In the first half it was 21-3, ravens in the lead  but now in the 3rd quarter the 49ners scored 17 points while ravens scored a mere 7. It was starting to look grim for the ravens as the 49s quickly shot them down one by one out of the sky, with such a comeback from the 49ners could the ravens recover their strength and protect their lead.  YES! for in the final quarter of the game the ravens drove down in drones and attacked the 49ners making sure they didn't steal their lead.  The battle for bragging rights and top city was close and fierce but the underdogs , ravens , kept the lead and came out on top with the final score being 34-31. Caw Caw the Ravens have won the Superbowl!!!

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