Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red Lobster & Zombies 2/14/2013

Happy V-Day everyone , I hope you all are having a nice and romantic day , and for those of you who might not have lovers , make sure to spend lots of time with family today!

My Bf and I celebrated V-day yesterday with our two friends Joe and Jess. We all went to Red Lobster and had fun talking and eating the wonderful food  . My BF and I shared one entree from the "LobsterFeast" menu.

The lobster and shrimp were so good that we ate it up in seconds , ahaha when our waitress came back with the ketchup and butter both the lobster and shrimp were devoured . Also this was the very first time my Bf ever tried Lobster before, but i think he liked it . This was my first time trying Lobster/shrimp mac& first it tasted good but i wasn't sure if i liked it ...but over time it grew on my taste buds.

Then after Red Lobster all 4 of us went to see Warm Bodies and  OMG!!!! that movie was the cutest , epic movie about zombies ever!! I highly recommend everyone watch it .


  1. cutest movie about zombies? well I need to see this movie pretty soon. ha ha.
    and seems like you had a great time!

    1. yes it's the best zombie movie I've ever seen and yes it was a great way to celebrate valentines day


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