Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update 2/20/2013

Busy Busy Busy i tell yall. So much to do online and off i just cant fit it all into a single day. I really tell myself there needs to be more hours in the day. Anywho onto the matter at hand.

  1) Im currently obsessed with Devianart. I've been uploading some new artwork on my profile/gallery and been getting alot of feed back for it . For instance people giving me Llama badges (which mean awesomeness) and people adding my artwork to their favorites folder. This boost my confidence and motivation to work more on my artwork. Here's the link to my profile: BrokenChains2000 Profile

 2) Im thinking of redesigning my 2nd blog ( the one where i used for school) and making it all about the different forms of artwork i do . Right now the main forms of artwork i do is Video Editing and Digital Artwork.

 3) Yesterday i went online to check the balance in my bank account and it turns out that all my tax refund was in there. So today i went and brought my cat Kairi a scratching mat, cat food , and cat litter.

     Her head is a lil blurred , sorry about that

This is her with her lil tongue out, so cute

Bout time for that big Playstation Meeting so i got to go.

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