Friday, April 26, 2013

Blah Blah Blah

So i finally got around to making and uploading a brand new Insanity blog banner . Do you guys like it ? I also made a logo but thats only uploaded on my Deviantart account and my website .

Tommorrow i'll be going to oreination for my seasonal job . Im really nervous about it because i have to tell them that i wont be able to work on opening day and also inform them that i changed banks . So that they can  send my direct deposits to the right bank.  (Did i make  sense there) .

Hmmm...i dont have anything exciting to talk about that has to do with my life . So i'll do something new ...something that really goes along with the name of this blog. I'll let you peek into what i think about .  Warning my thoughts are the definition of Insanity for they WILL make you think about how you live and see  the world.  ( Really hard to think straight right now).  I had a thought to share with you but at the moment i cant think of it . I'll write another post if i think about it .

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