Saturday, April 27, 2013

Park orientation

    So i went to my job orientation today . It was a bit on the boring side (seeing how this is my 2nd season working there).  But the supervisors tried to keep it as interesting as they could . They separated us into different groups . Each group went to a different station throughout the park to learn different rules and stuff. One station we got our uniforms and learned about the dress code.
 Another we took a tour around the park , then we learned about the park culture called PRIDE...each letter meaning something different.
Afterward we went to learn about safety and lastly how to use the punch in/out time-pad .  It was all pretty routine ...i would have toke pics but we weren't allowed to have our phones out.  Im glad my friend is finally working there with me . So i'll have someone to talk to at the park and stuff .

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