Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Rare Sunday Outing

So today my father and i go to a mall thats having book sale where you can get a large paper  bag full of books for just 3 dollars. Now talk about going book crazy lol. So we get to the book sale and start looking around. However my eyes were a bit on the stinging side because of the summer humidity and heat . So because of that i had a hard time concentrating on the books i was looking at so i just walked around all the different sections. They had sections for fiction , mystery, animals , health , education ect…there were a wide variety of books to choose from.

When my eyes started to feel slightly better i went over to the fiction section to see what it had to offer. I was excited to find some really good books . I found vampire books and romance books and some fantasy books. I also found a worst case situation survival cool is that. So after a hour or so at looking at books i picked out about 5-7 books . When it was time to leave we managed to fill up two whole paper bags with books, most of them my father picked out.

Then my father and i went to a shop rite , garden shop , and pet store , then home. After being home for a few minuets i realize that we’re missing a few food items from shop-rite, I check the car  but there were no more bags . So we knew we had left the bags back at the store. My father and i drive all the way back to the store to find out that they put away all the left behind items. However my father got a refund for all the food items that were left behind. So thats how my sunday went this week.

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