Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Neck stiffness and the sniffles, good god!, Oh and im back

ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!! thats how i my mood is right now . However before i go into details , i guess it would be the right thing to tell ya all why i haven't posted a single thing in like two damn months. Well its so unbelievably simple ...its because i was lazy and didn't know what to talk about anymore! But for now im back because i've been inspired to write something , anything really. Thanks can be given to my love of reading and Wattpad.com, which is this super awesome site that has like a trillion different kinds of books for people to read from  romance , horror, comedy ect...and the best part about the site is that it allows YOU to write and publish your own stories.

      I've always had a slight interest in writing stories ...however i always doubting myself that what i write would be good ...or more likely i can figure out something to write about and actually keep up with it ...without my laziness comming in and ruining everything.  But enough with that , did i mention that my neck and nose are killing me , ya. I think i got one of those head colds or sinus colds or whatever jeez. It's really making it hard for me to concentrate right now. So sorry if this little post dont make a single bit of sense and is littered with bad spelling..blame my ..uh sniffles! Well thats all i can muster to write at this point cuz im in too much pain...i LIE ...not that much pain..more like great discomfort! See!!! Man is my head killing me!!! Well before i collapse , i will go for now.

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