Thursday, September 29, 2011

Howdy, A Job Offer for lil old me! -9/29/11

   Ya hello to you all. Just as a heads up i will try to make a post everyday unless i start getting lazy and have a hard time thinking of things to talk about lol. My life is mostly boring with some dashes of excitement here and there . Speaking of Excitement something very interesting ...yet shady happen to me today. When i was walking home from college i was approached by a stranger in front of my local target store. We started talking and he offered me a job. 

    Exciting right , right, however my guard was up and alarm bells were going off in my head. I mean first off i don't know this man , never seen him in my life . With that said i was very cautions when he asked for my phone number , i said that i wouldn't give him my number because of safety reasons. So he gave me his company number , he told me he was the head boss. In my head i was like wow , if this really is a job offer and not some scam then today must be my lucky day. So i took the number but have yet to call because i want to get some more advice from people on what i should do , i'll ask my father and see what he says. But since he's not home right now . 

    What do YOU guys think i should do , Should i call the number or just ignore it? Just leave a comment below this blog post. So that was the most exciting part of my day except for the part where i got caught in the rain as i walked the mile long way home. That part wasn't fun at all but i got home safely as you can tell from reading this. Well that it for this blog post. See ya next time!

<3By Reina,<3 
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