Friday, September 30, 2011

The Po Po office 9/30/11

   Good day mates, Today was a normal day for me until after i got picked up after school by my father. Ya see we went to the police station for the situation i told you guys about yesterday.

(if you don't know what im talking about , then go read yesterdays post) 

   Now i don't want to go into to much detail about my visit there , in fear that i might get in trouble or get someone else in trouble or whatever. I feel like you should be all hush hush about things involving the police or government ya know. So really all im going to say is that i went to the police station , got asked questions about the encounter , then let go .

    Thats about all that happened , pretty exciting really. It was my first time being questioned by the police . Actually this past day and half has been a good learning experience about the people in our society and how i should act towards the ones that come up to me suspiciously.   i feel that i've been letting down my guard too much, i mean i ALMOST gave the stranger my number, but thank goodness my head was working right that day so it stopped me. I need to learn that strangers ..whoever they are , are all evil and out to get me 

( This is how i think just go along with it). 

   So then if anyone tries to talk to me and im getting a suspicious vibe off them . Then i will use my super undercover cop methods, then just walk away. The next thing they know they might get a knock on the door from the po po and wishing that they never ever spoke a word to me. Ya see ladies and gents...Im a person that you Will Never want to mess with . Im like a black widow spider very deadly.

 (Goodness , enough with that already , im getting to the point where i dont know if im even making sense anymore)

Well anywho moving along...other then that my day was normal. So ya so i'll catch you guys later .


Urban dictionay word of the day: Po Po-Meaning the police

Example: oh shit! the po po is after us!


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