Sunday, October 2, 2011

Went to the Art Museum-10/2/2011

Howdy folks , Before i get started on this blog post i want to say that i hope you like my new Blogger template.  I got this one from Pyzam which is the same site that i got my other one from. Their layouts are super freaking easy to install. All you do is:

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Okay now onto the main order of business,

So yesterday i went to an art museum to work on a research paper for school. While i was walking about i took some pictures .

Front of a Japanese Teahouse

Hallway of TeaHouse

Inside a room of a Teahouse

The picture i chose to write about

A foggy valley

Man this lady sure looks depressed , however she's wearing a pink Dress?

Interesting fact: I took this from my cricket phone, spectacular detail and resolution , no

Overall i had a wonderful time at the art museum, oh and it was my first time going to one too!

By Reina

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  1. She really does look depressed! Yeesh. The operation one is interesting.

  2. I know right , i wonder what she's thinking about, and for the operation painting did you notice all the mens faces lol


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