Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Fire Alarm goes off first time in 8 years o.0 10/13/2011

Good  afternoon lovelys , well today was rather unexpected . Ya see i was in my graphic design class and everyone was working on their projects . When ....all of the sudden the fire alram goes off . At first no one is sure what to do . They wonder if its a test or if its real. But the teacher quickly told us to grab all our stuff and get out of the room just to be on the safe side. So everyone scrambles to grab all their personal belongings and take their flash drives out of their computers and heads out of the room. Out in the hallway i see that every other class is evacuating too .

     So everyone goes down the hall , down the stairs, and outside. My teacher tells us that this is the first time the fire alarm has gone off in 8yrs. If that's the case , then i start thinking that its a real fire, or it was a stupid prank by some doguebag , or there's a malfunction in the fire alarm. So we waited outside for like maybe 10-15 minuets for the fire trunks to arrive . While we were waiting the teacher starts to worry when she doesn't see our classmate that is in a wheelchair. The teacher starts to worry that he didn't make it out of the building ...but it turned out he did make it out , he used the elevator and was on the other side of the large crowd of college students that evacuated from the building. So we were relieved that he was safe. After that we waited about 10 minuets for the fire trucks to arrive. When they arrived the firemen went inside to building and a few short moments later .

     They let all the students back into the building . When i got back into my classroom. The teacher talked to us about what just happened. She said that this was the first time the fire alarms went off in 8yrs because the college doesn't do fire drills. She also said that she was going to talk to the public safety people about making the college have fire drills and some other stuff. So after she talked to us . We went back to work on our projects until the end of class. Well that's the most exciting part of my day but before i forget . I wanna tell you the most adorable thing my cat did last night. Well when i was sleeping my cat Named Kairi(named after the Kingdom Hearts character)

stepped on my stomach and laid down on it . Ohhh it was just the cutest thing EVER!!! Here's a picture of my cat:

Also i watched this super epic music video that i want you guys to check out :

Skrillex: First of the year

By Reina

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