Saturday, October 15, 2011

Youtube Patnership, 31,000 views and Fangs? 10/15/2011

Howdy everyone Today and yesterday were very exciting days . Yesterday night when i went on youtube i got a message asking if i wanted to be a Youtube Partner because one of my videos got their attention our something .

                                              Full Misa Misa voice over
Man this was like a dream come true for me. I always wanted to become famous in some way , shape , or form and to be asked to be youtube partner was like. I was one step closer to reaching my dream. The message also noted that i could make money off my videos . So that was like a double bonus for me, you cant picture how excited i was. My excitement went away very quickly as they made me read over the copyright law stuff. Saying how my videos cant break the copyright rules. Well to bad  for me most of my videos Break the copyright laws, Especially my AMVs (Animated Music Video) which use clips of anime series in which i dont own the series but i use the clips anyway with out permission...I mean even if i give credit to original makers of the series .

      Im still breaking the copyright law its so frustrating sometimes. Even my Personal real life videos of me break the copyright code...because i use songs i downloaded off the internet as my opening and closing credits...but can i use because im using other peoples work. So i said that i would check out the offer again later ( the offer allows to you to sign up right away , maybe later , or not at all). I think what i'll do is move all my AMVS to my FallingRainStudios1 youtube account(dedicated to all my AMVS i create) and just put up personal real life videos on my Moonfox2000 youtube account and all future Real life videos just wont have music except for the radio in my room..HA they cant say shit about that XP!. Another exciting thing that happened on youtube is that One of my AMVs that i made for my Bf on valentines day has over 31, 000 views on it . I mean none of my other videos has ever gotten so popular before. sure some of them reached into the hundreds but never this ! Also i got a comment from a person saying that im brilliant . Oh how happy that made me feel and how confident i got with my skills. Again this made me feel like i was one step closer to being famous.

                                               AMV-Anime Lovers are Hot

 Ah yes it was an exciting day indeed and today i went to FYE and got Vamp Fangs , the original Halloween movie, and a Halloween Party Cd and i got all this for $10 talk about a steal.

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