Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Rainy Day of HELL 10-12-2011

Well hello again my Lovies how are you on this rainy wensday  , however it might not be raining where you live lol.  Well im doing So-so like normal but i really wish it was Friday . So i could have more time on the computer and not go to school tomorrow ...ugh. Today was just boring and really annoying that in the middle of the day i got depressed for no good reason. (That happens to me sometimes, dont worry im not quite insane yet). Ok here's the list of my day .

  1. Forgot to wear my lucky necklace
  2. About to walk out my door when i see its raining outside.(Man i hate the rain like a cat hates water)
  3. I have a stupid art test (50 questions , all multiple choice, i did very little studying)
  4. I go hang with my friend (That was the best part of my day)
  5. I go to English class to write a stupid essay on a process of something ( i was going to write about the process of making 3 types of tea..but my friend suggested that i should write about how to draw something because it would be easier to remember)
  6. I go to the computer lab and watch my videos(strange, it dos'nt help relax me o.0)
  7. Go to sociology class for like 15 minuets( teacher has a headache and she tells us whats on our upcoming test on Monday, no class Friday by the way)
  8. Call my father ( wait for him like a hour and half , oh how pitiful my life is, totally need a car)
  9. Re-sell my old textbooks( they only accept one , and i get 44 dollars back)
  10. We go to the post office (i stay in the car and dooze off)
  11. We go to acme ( i get a salad and chef boyardee) 
  12. Now im home (wait i missed a step after step 9)
  13. After i re-sell my books and walk outside, its starts pouring rain (did i mention how much i hate rain)
       So yep thats pretty much how my day went , if you ask me , it was a real crappy day and i deserved to be depressed!

By Reina
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  1. I'll be joining you later tonight in the ariny weather. Clouding uo so I can't see the enchanting moon.

    Blessings, V.

  2. Aww how dare the moon be covered with clouds lol, Dont you just love looking at the moonlight ?


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