Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yo whats up my people . Sorry i have'nt posted anything in a few days but my life has been...busy and i surely cant write about it all in just one post so i'll just write about yesterday. Ok it was Tuesday afternoon around 1:00 pm or something when i get a text from my Bf. I hurry to type my reply and send it ...but i get the message that

"Message could not be sent". So i get confused for a moment and think

 "Ok maybe its just the signal strength " So i move over to my bed and try again...but it still dos'nt send. Now i start to freak out because i cant live without using my phone. So i try to call my Bf but i get a message saying "thanks for using cricket but your account dos'nt have enough funds to place the call" and im like WTF because i thought i paid my cell bill for this month but i guess not . So now im going crazy because i cant use my phone . Then i hear my father calling me to come downstairs to help put up the Halloween decorations. I go downstairs with a concerned face and start to help with the decorations. However i would MUCH rather find out what is wrong with my phone. So i tell my father that something is wrong with my phone and he says

"Oh its not my problem you pay for the bill so you need to be on top of these things. We'll go to the cricket store after we're done with the decorations." So i get slightly pissed and feeling slightly abandon but thats the price of  becoming Independent. So i work inside the house putting decorations in the windows. When all the decorations are up outside and inside of the house its like 4:00. I get slightly depressed seeing how late it is and i have stupid school tomorrow and want to go on the computer before i have to eat dinner at 6:30.  So we go the local cricket store and pay my 35 dollar bill , luckily for me i had 34 dollars in my wallet so i only had to ask my father for one dollar. I paid my bill and then everything was right with the world again.

Lesson : pay attention to when your bills are due or your'll life will go to hell for a moment

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