Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My inspiration for Insanity 10/4/2011

ATTENTION IMPORTANT INFO: New Blog Name is now called Insanity 

OMG OMG im soooooooo inspired right now. Ya see i've been watching some of my favorite youtube vids these past couple of days, from one of my favorite Youtube Subscriptions. The videos are so freaking insane that im not asshame to say that im madly in love with these videos. Here Take a look for yourself , these are some of my favs from xxFlightFeathersxx, a very talented animator ! Oh and sorry if i seem to be overloading this post with these videos , its just that i Love them so much and want to share them with you. As you watch them you'll see where i got my Theme for my blog . xxFlightFeathersxx is just so inspiring to me , and no ..well ..uh..ok i guess im slightly obbessed too lol XD.  OH and make these videos FULL SCREEN!!!!

                                                     Title: Insanity 

Title:Cheetwos' lost it

Besides making these cool Amvs . She/he (doesn't say on their youtube channel) makes their own series here's a preview .

Title: Broken Wings ep 1: Dreamer

Now dont you think those videos are totally awesome, if not thats ok , each to their own right?. Well after i watched those videos i got really inspired to draw my own emo creatures. Im thinking emo Bunnies , totally out of the box right.  It would be even cooler to make an animation series , but i think i'll leave that to the pros because animating something takes a long process and requires more work then im willing to put in. I blame my laziness and lack of following through on things :(. Such a sad person i am lol.  But i will draw a few emo bunnies and upload them to my Devinatart account  . Then i will post the pictures in a blog so you guys can see. Oh if you want to see some of my other drawings ( im a causal artist, drawing creatures and humans in anime style) then click this link:

Well my brain is turning into jelly and thoughts are getting scrambled so i'll call it a day.Oh and i want to say sorry  for the chaos thats my blog. Its under construction so the layout, theme,ect.. might be changing over the past couple of days . Until i find the right look for my blog.

                                                                     From Reina

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