Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome to the world of anime: Characters 11/18/2011

 now its time to introduce you to common anime Characters

Well its pretty easy to spot out anime characters because they usually have bright colorful hair , big shiny eyes , with a small/non-existence nose or mouth.

For EX:  a typical cute anime boy

A typical cute anime girl

Other types of anime characters are :

The neko-Which is a combination of cat and human

For ex:

The chibi- a small cute version of the character
For Ex:

The maid
For Ex:

The cute magical girl
For Ex-

The school girl
For ex:

The school boy
For Ex:

The robot girl-
For Ex:

 Well those are the most common types of characters that you'll find when you watch anime.
Next i'll show you some beginner anime , for people watching anime for the first time. So in the comment box below please tell me what interests you

(Refer back to my post on Anime Genres)

                                                           By Reina
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  1. I like animes quite a lot, not that I'm always watching it but I always like to watch the cute ones with a love story. Can you recommend me some? :)

  2. @rita: Sure i'll pick out the perfect one for you ^.^, anime is the best, dont you think its the best.

  3. @rita: here are some romance anime that look good
    Ai Yori Aoshi
    Amagami SS
    Bokura ga Ita
    Peach girl
    Super Gals


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