Tuesday, November 15, 2011

i caught a frog 11/15/2011

I was outside raking leaves when i see something hop out of a pile of leaves . It was a a brownish , greenish , bumpy ,medium sized frog. So i forgot what i was doing and started to chase after it , trying to catch it . Soon i caught it and here it is .

              Is'nt this frog just the cutest , i put him in the Koi pond out in my backyard....i just hope he dont drown :(

                                                                                          By Reina
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  1. Um.... that's adorable. By my apartment we get little frogs sometimes, but I'm never able to catch them. Actually - I think they are toads. What's the difference?

  2. @emmy: lol , and little frogs are even cuter lol and its all about speed and agility lol :). I think toads have lots of bumps on them .


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