Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome to the world of anime 101-Genres pt 2 11/14/2011

*Yawn* Yo im back , sorry about that short break ...but i got lazy and did'nt feel like blogging. However i need to do the 2nd part of "Welcome to anime 101: Genres" .So without farther ado lets begin from where i started off at .

Shounen-This is anime geared to boys where there might be a lot of fighting and manly characters

Shounen Ai(which means boy's love)-is anime thats centered around relationships between guys(BoyXboy), The popular name for this sort of anime is called Yaoi , which is the same thing except might have stronger Sexual themes.

Slice of life-Anime that might be very emotional or insightful

Space-Anime that's set in space

Sports-Anime thats about a certain sport

Super-power-Anime where the characters have superpowers   

Supernatural-Anime that might have vampires, ghosts , werewolfs or other supernatural creatures in the show

Thriller-Anime that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Vampire-Anime with vampires in it

Yaoi-BoyXboy love anime

Yuri-GirlXGirl anime , its the opposite of Yaoi


 Next Post will be about the Characters of the anime world

                                                                          By Reina

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