Wednesday, November 9, 2011

World of Anime:Genres pt1 11/9/2011

 Ok so you want to find an anime to watch , but you have no clue what kind of anime you want to watch. Well not to fear because today i'll teach you all of the different Genres of anime!!!.

Genres of Anime:
Action-Anime with lots of fighting and violence

Adventure-Anime where the characters go on some sort of quest

Cars-Anime that might focus on racing

Comedy-Anime that focuses on funny situations

Dementia-Anime where the main character or side characters might have some sort of Mental illness

Demons-Anime that is about a demon , or has a lot of demons in the show

Drama-Anime that focuses  around a serious plotline

Ecchi-Anime that is very perverted

Fantasy-Anime that is set in a fantasy land and/or has mystical creatures

Game-Anime that focuses around some sort of game, like a sport , board , or video game

Harem-Anime where the main character Female/male is surrounded by the opposite sex

Hentai-Anime that focuses on sexual experiences , its cartoon porn

Historical-Anime that is set in a historical place or setting

Horror-Anime that is scary

Josei( meaning women)-for women in their late teens and up

Kids-Anime for kids , ages 7-13

Magic-Anime where the characters have magical powers

Martial Arts-Anime that focus on the Martial arts

Mecha-Anime with lots of robots

Military-Anime that focus on the Military

Music-Anime where the characters are in a band of some sort

Mystery-Anime Where the there are problems to be solved

Parody- Anime that makes fun of something

Police-Anime where the characters  and/or side characters are in the police force

Psychological-Anime that might make you think, or mess with your head

Romance-Anime that focuses on relationships and love

Samurai-Anime that has Samurai in it

School-Anime that is mostly takes place at a school 

Sci-Fi-Anime that takes place in the future or in space

Seinen(means young man)-Anime that is geared toward college age men

Shojo(means young lady)-Anime geared towards younger girls


                                                                          By Reina
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P.S: If you're already an anime fan , then please tell me what your favorite Genre of anime is , in the comment box below ^.^

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