Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Feast while the U.S goes into Poverty 12/15/2011

Well , today i didn't starve , but was feasting on food all day , Read my Comment to my "im going to stave " post . But ya Today my school was having a holiday feast which was really good. The feast consisted of a small two meatball hoagie, some salad , a brownie(me don't like brownies) , and some soda.

So i got my food and went upstairs and hanged out with some friends until i had to catch the bus. Then when i got off the bus. i went to chic-fli-a and had a 4pc chicken tender meal . Now im stuffed until dinner time hehe.  Then after i was done i walked out of the restaurant and it started to lightly rain on me . (mother nature ..why you hate me so) So i had to walk a mile and a half home in the light rain . When i was almost home , a bus passed me , and a middle school kid  stuck his head out of the window and started woofing at me . (ahhh..boys now-a-days ) I just gave the boy a weird look and walked home .  Then when i hop on the computer and read my articles , i see this article .  (CLICK LINK !!!!)

Ohhh reading this mad me so mad , that i posted an angry status message on Facebook. I blame the damn government for causing all this , and i want to move to japan wahhhhhh. If anyone here is planning on moving there ..Please im begging ya , take me with ya . You wont even know im there i promise , im a quiet person and im small , so i could  fit in a big enough luggage bag lol ( im kidding here , that would be abuse lol) . But seriously i think this country is going straight to hell (in a corrupt way, i don't want anyone to get the wrong idea) , and i want to get out before i get stuck here in this mess. Who agrees with me ?

                                                                          By Reina
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