Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Im going to Starve 12/15/2011

IM running out of food to eat , i ate up all my snacks and the only dinner foods i have left to eat , that dont require me to cook are Some microwaveable ramen , and Chef Boyade.  Now dont get the wrong idea , i know how to cook properly , i can cook things like Hamburger helper and stuff ..just as long it has easy to read directions. Then i can cook it . It's just that i really dont like cooking and worrying about if i have all the ingredients . Also cooking is too stressful for me cuz i like everything to be perfect and get everything right. Thats why i tend to stick to TV dinners and such ...until my father makes me cook something, which makes me mad. However since the semester is ending , and i'll have more free time . I might start to cook proper dinners for myself...but until then no way i just starve .

By Reina 
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P.S: i wish i was a lil kid so i wouldn't have to feed myself :( I know im Lazy, oh and my house is filled with food ...but food that requires me to "cook" , so im not really running out of food


  1. Sounds like the dilemma of all University students out there.

  2. Now go cook you and your dad a nice meal. Just kidding. I grow tired of cooking dinner every night. Can't wait till things look up so we can go out to eat once in ahile.

    Hope you don't starve, V.

  3. @at Queen of horror, DWel, Vivienne : Good news , today has graced me with a wonderful feast! First at my last graphic glass , the teach gave us cookies and chocolate , then my school was having a holiday party and had a free buffet , and then after a hour or so , i caught the bus and went to have a real lunch at Chik-fli-a. So i should be good till tomorrow morning lol


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