Friday, December 16, 2011

No more school 12/16/2011

YAYYYYYY NO MORE SCHOOL FOR LIKE 3 Weeks yippie ! However today was very nerve wracking for me cuz i had to do two oral prestations today in different classes. The first one was in art history and that did'nt go that bad . But in English class i started to get real nervous and anxious  . I thought i was going to have a heart attack or faint , my heart was beating so fast. It was horrible cuz i was the last one to go , which made me wait till everyone else was done. So when i finally got up , i talked about how anime is better then American cartoons, i think i did ok , but could've done better. Well thats all im going to write about today later.

                                                                        By Reina
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  1. I hate you. I'm still not done until next week. :(

  2. ahahaha, thats just the bonus of college , but hey at least you only have one more week , make it your best ! ^.^

  3. Hey! I totally agree how anime is better than american cartoons.

  4. *High Fives Anonymous* sweet welcome to the club :D

  5. Look like if you`re very like anime..^0^


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