Monday, December 12, 2011

House full of smoke and Face covered with holes 12/12/2011

OMWORD! My poor house and fireplace should file a restraining order on my father . You want to know why right, well of course you do . It is because my father , for the 3rd time since we lived here , put the house up in smoke cuz he doesn't know how to work the fireplace. I find this annoying yet it brings excitement to my boring life . Im surprised the house didn't catch on fire yet. *shakes my head* Tsk Tsk. Its pretty funny situation ..ahh no its not.
                                 This aint my picture , i found it on photobucket , and its was'nt that bad lol
                                  but there was enough smoke to set off the fire alarm, however we lucky no firemen came, that would just be down right embarrassing for me .

Now onto the second topic i want to talk about today. On Saturday night , i had a really disturbing dream about my face. I dreamt that i had an extra layer of skin on my face and that the extra layer of skin was full of holes the size of these.

Oh  my word it was so traumatizing to have a face looking like that, thank goodness it was only a dream.

By Reina 
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  1. I'm happy it was only a dream as well.

    I think I would like a fireman to come to my house for a visit LOL.

    Have a nice night and no more bad dreams for you, V.

  2. i agree with you on that , i would love it if my BF came to my house in a fireman suit lol, and thank you , i wish you a peaceful night as well , and i'll try not to lol.

  3. Okay your dream really freaked me out. I have a weird phobia of circles close together as it is, now I kinda wanna scour off my skin. That's not healthy is it? ;)

  4. Once in a blue moon i will have these extremely disturbing dreams , this one was the most disturbing i've ever had , i did'nt mean to freak you out lol , i must be careful about posting anything with circles close to together, i want to be considerate to my followers , if they find something that upsets them. And having a phobia is normal , lots of people have them , i have one of spiders lol

  5. Definitely sounds like a disturbing dream! Hope it's the last one for awhile. And that your dad figures out the fireplace, lol.

  6. @Shannon , i hope so too , on both accounts lol


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