Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fire in the hood 12/17/2011

There was a fire behind one of the stores in a plaza that i live close too.  I dont know who caused it but it was burning in a meadow behind a petsmart store .

There were firetrucks there ...but i did'nt see them try to put out the fire ..maybe they were letting the fire burn out. The fire wasn't that big but still it was shock to see . I even took pictures of it ..but my phone is being dumb and not letting me send pics to people lol. So ya that was the most exciting part of my day . However i went to camden NJ today , and luckily i didn't get shot or something. Sometimes i wonder if i could live in the hood , i bet i could !  I would become a Gang Leader (just kidding)

                                                              By Reina 
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