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Rosario+Vampire Review

Rosario+Vampire Review

Overview : Meet Tsukune Aono , who's an normal everday human boy...that is until the day he gets accepted into youkai academy, a private school for monsters. However Tsukune dos'nt know this at first ..until he gets there! A few moments after he arrives and walks to the school. He Bumps into Moka , a super sexy and beautiful girl , who also happens to be a vampire!  That moment starts the beginning of all his adventrues at Youkai academy where he becomes the love intrest of a group of girls. So come  and watch Rosario +Vampire to see if Tsukune can survive living at a school full of monsters  as well as dealing with girls trying anything to get his love ! 

Video Trailer:

Number of seasons:

Seasons: Rosario+Vampire

Episodes per season: 13

Overall Storyline: 3/5

Overall Animation Quality: 5/5

Character Quality: 5/5

Genres: Comedy,Ecchi,Fantasy, Romance, School, Shounen 
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Rating: MA

Website to watch it at :

Place to buy it at : BestBuy

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