Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yay Youtube Videos 12/13/2011

This sucks my eyes are tired :( , and since i'll be home all alone for hours on end...i wont have anything exciting to talk about . So with that being said i'll treat you to some of my favorite youtube Videos, or if you dont want to watch the  Youtube videos . You can just ask me random questions about my life , hobbies , or anything that you want to know about me .

So E-Mail me your questions at Catdadcow@yahoo.com, or Go over to the right hand side of my blog , and click on my Facebook badge , and message me your questions.

So now time for the Youtube Videos. WATCH FULL SCREEN PLEASE ,its better that way


         1)  L.O.V.E. is just another word I never learn to pronounce - Alois x Ciel 」 [EOS Audition]

                     2) Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian Gets Stupid


             3) Kuroshitsuji: Demons in the Privvy. ((OOC Chronicles))

I hope you enjoyed those videos , and if you want me to post more Youtube videos , just leave me a comment saying so!

By Reina
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  1. great post. I might pop on by in a bit to pick your brain. Gotta feed the kids first.

  2. Thank you , i try my best to entertain my followers, and please do i love people ask me questions :), and ok :)


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